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Anne Showalter

Anne Showalter

Owner of Dream Team Business Builders and Founder/CEO of Veterans Entering Transition, V.E.T.

“Bringing life to your Passion”.

With more than 25 years experience in sales and marketing, Dream Team Business Builders understands how important branding and positioning of your company is to increase your revenue. We can help with your marketing strategy, promotional products, graphic art design and event planning. Our specialty is helping company’s set up events that involves nonprofit awareness in their community and creating a pay it forward attitude.

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About me:  I am the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran that was taught to always give back to the community. I have been involved in some sort of nonprofit for over 30 years helping veterans and organizations in the fire service industry. I am very passionate about helping our veterans find work and benefits that they might not know exists. I enjoy connecting people from all walks of life. Everyone has something to offer and I keep an attitude of never look down on someone unless your giving them a hand up. We all at some point in time have needed help, compassion and understanding.

I enjoy event planning that is geared towards fundraising for local nonprofits in the community. I believe that bridging the gap between for profit and nonprofit entities benefits all involved.Local nonprofits have just as much to offer if not more to the for profit community.

Those who know me will tell you that I am sincere, compassionate, loyal, and live with integrity. I am a firm believer in giving back and living life with a passion.

Veterans Entering Transition, V.E.T.



Owner of 925CONCEPTS and VP of Marketing Communications for Veterans Entering Transition, V.E.T.

925CONCEPTS is a web marketing company with a long history of internet and content strategy experience.  Every business deserves a high quality website design standard in showcasing their brand.  925CONCEPTS can help you make this a reality.  We will be an extension to your goal setting process in developing an impressive user experience for your valued customers.

We help you take the mystery and the learning curve out of creating your business web presence.  Our goal is  to help you build a compelling and user friendly website design showcasing your business brand.

With many years of successful marketing experience from one of the largest tour operators in Hawaii, one of the largest hotel resorts in the world, a major business hotel in Silicon Valley, and one of the largest IT companies in the world.  A proven track-record for exceeding customers’ expectations as a graphic and web designer, content manager and strategist, managing private business’ and corporate intranets.  Focusing on web marketing for senior level executives and portals for new products and services for Corporate America.


Veterans Entering Transition, V.E.T.